“I create thee, Oh Arabian. To thy forelock I bind victory in battle. On thy back I set a rich spoil, and a treasure in thy loins. I establish thee flight without wings.”

Better Without Wings


Flight Without Wings is born

Inspired by an old Bedouin poem, the name Flight Without Wings is given to a refreshing energy drink which has been in the making for several years.


Ready for takeoff

After years of research and hard work Flight Without Wings is finally ready to launch and is put before a number of investment groups, distributors and retailers around the world.


Backing from Tata Group

Impressed with the drink and brand, Tata Group agree to invest into Flight Without Wings.


Candidate sponsors of FC Barcelona

Unveiled as a potential sponsor for FC Barcelona at an official press conference by presidential candidate Agusti Benedito.


Flight Without Wings clips Red Bull’s wings!

Red Bull initiate legal proceedings against Flight Without Wings for trademark infringement, jeopardising the Tata Group investment and FC Barcelona sponsorship deal.

After twelve months of battle we are victorious proving the word ‘wings’ does not belong to Red Bull.


Officially launched

The drink is now available in retail outlets throughout Europe.


Ready to fly worldwide

We are now partnering with distributors worldwide. Get in touch today to join our team and be a part of this already spectacular journey.

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